Buying a House: Is Now the Time?

This is an excellent article from a source I trust. Currently, Real Estate is less “seasonal” than in the past, so have no fear that you are missing prime market time. The Buyers I am currently helping understand this is the best time. However, they are listing their houses after they are under contract for their next home, since our listings in North Texas are so few. Don’t hesitate to call with any questions you may have regarding your strategy to dream your next dream. Texas is a great place to live in this market. Cell Phone:  (469) 363-1279


The real estate community is often criticized for always seeming to have a Pollyanna attitude about the housing market. Many believe that the industry’s current call ‘to buy now’ is nothing more than a scare tactic with the sole purpose

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Winter Home Selling Checklist [INFOGRAPHIC]

Some Highlights As you get ready to sell your house, focus on tasks that make it inviting, show it’s cared for, and boost your curb appeal. This list will help you get started, but don’t forget, a real estate professional will provide other helpful tips based on your...